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    ESCRITHA is a platform that offers unique experiences in scientific production. scientific
    and assists in the development of the work from the conception of the idea to the generation of the file in PDF format.

Who we are

Everything you need for scientific production on a single platform!
We offer a powerful and effective platform
The ESCRITHA is a platform that provides unique experiences in scientific production, and helps in the development of work, from the conception of the idea to the generation of the file in PDF format. Through technology, we enable users to create, organize, manage and produce scientific scientific papers, providing users with a plurality of options and resources to produce with quality. As scientific research is universal, the ESCRITHA platform is for all types of of work, anywhere in the world.

What we are offer

We offer comprehensive management tools that are easy to use. With our platform, researchers can create different scientific work while completely controlling their content. You no longer have to worry about formatting or generating references. Our platform makes the research process uncomplicated and efficient, allowing you to focus on producing quality knowledge.

That's what we believe

Everything you need for scientific production on a single platform! We offer a powerful and effective platform, as well as features that will revolutionize the way the way researchers create and edit their work. ESCRITHA is for all types of scientific work, anywhere in the anywhere in the world.
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That's what we believe

The ESCRITHA is for all types of scientific work, anywhere in the world.


Understand all the platform's cycles
Ciclo 1


At this stage, users define the objectives and structure of the project, establishing goals, scope, research questions, justification, keywords and sources. This phase is crucial and must be detailed, as it is the basis for subsequent work. With the platform, users can optimize the process of process and guarantee more more accurate and relevant results.


In the development stage, users materialize their ideas e organizes the strings, imports and selects studies studies, develops a summary and literature review using the available tools. This phase is crucial and requires creativity, dedication and focus to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of the work.
Ciclo 2
Ciclo 3


The configuration stage allows users to customize the project to according to their needs. This includes defining standards and styles for formatting formatting templates, databases, search engines and backups. and backup. Users can adjust the structure and layout of the project according to the specific needs of the work.


In the final phase, users have the possibility to finalize the scientific with excellence. It is at this stage that the text is thoroughly proofread and edited, and formatted for publication with practicality and precision. A platform offers a wide range of automated formatting options, which contribute to speeding up up to 80% of the work. In addition users can collaborate in real time with their peers, exchanging ideas and revising o text more efficiently and safely.
Ciclo 4

Our Resources

We offer a range of tools for the best development of your research.

Create your Project

The user can configure document types and export them for reuse by other platform users

Import your studies

Import studies searched in databases and generated in Bibtex files.

Select the studies

With such a large volume of studies, the platform allows routines so that the user can efficiently and qualitatively select the studies that address the topic.


Generate bibliometric data for the development of the scientific work.

Extract data from studies

The data extraction resources make it possible to generate content for the editing of the proposed

Edit your work

In the editing routine, the platform allows the user to edit the work without worrying about formatting.

Generate template

Generate any model/template of papers from institutions/journals worldwide.

Manage your references

The user can manage all references and with this feature reference any work without losing the connection between the text and the author.

Study and review the option study

With the binder, the user writes down the main points of each study during reading in logical, coherent and objective sequence. In addition to improving assimilation of the content analyzed.

Evaluate the study

The quality assessment routine offers resources for analyzing and selection of quality quality to be included in the work in progress.

Analyze the data

The analysis phase will give the user ample opportunity to to define, elaborate and edit parts of the proposed work.

Export in PDF

Once everything has been completed, the platform allows the user to export the work in PDF.

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Satisfied customers!

Our focus is on increasing our users' results combined with excellent service.

SUPER APPROVED for its practicality and clarity. Helping to uncomplicated what used to be very difficult and today through the platform is very practical and easy to use

Dayane Carvalho Maurício de Nassau Nursing

It provided me with greater security and knowledge when constructing my my scientific article, because the Escritha platform provides the step by step of each stage to be carried out and also has indispensable search tools. It exceeded all expectations.

Michelle Pfeifer UESPI – PI Administration

The creators of the Escritha Platform are to be congratulated for their initiative of making this tool available to help scientific productions

Silvana Império UESPI – PI Administration

The Escritha Platform is here to stay. By combining all the tools needed to produce a good scientific scientific text, Escritha facilitates, in a practical and innovative way, the your work. Fellow students and researchers, we now have a great ally for our productions - thank you Escritha for showing us that we don't have to suffer so much

Prof. Renildo Estevão UFPI Master's and PhD in Public Policy

My experience with the Escritha platform has been super satisfactory, as it has several features that have provided me with efficiency, practicality and speed in preparing my my scientific article. It's a success!

Adria Laysla UESPI – PI Administration

The Escritha platform is a tool that provides many benefits to the academic community, covering multiple functions to facilitate the production of scientific articles. I APPROVE!

Jéssica Inara UFPI Master in Biotechnology

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